Sunday, 13 March 2011

Speedex Serial Number

I would like to find out the years and specs. of a Speedex with a Serial # 3264


  1. I don't know what MODEL Speedex you have, but here is what I know about my 1979 Model 1631 Speedex Serial Number.

    There are actually (2) numbers located on the frame. One is on a stamped tag. That is probably your number #3264. That is a Speedex ID Number, probably for warranty purposes. I do not know the logic of that number.

    The second SERIAL NUMBER is actually STAMPED ONTO THE FRAME. Usually right beside the tag number described above.

    My Speedex has these numbers:
    Speedex Serial Number (STAMPED)
    Speedex Tag (ON TAG)

    My Serial Number breaks down this way. The first four numbers are the MODEL. The next three numbers are a UNIT NUMBER built in the month of manufacture. The last four numbers indicate the YEAR/MONTH of manufacture.

    Hope this helps with your Speedex Identification.

  2. I have a speedex garden tractor with a serial # 1922077405
    Can you tell me anything about it.
    M. Hacker

  3. Hi I have a Speedex S series garden tractor but the "s" decals are gone and I don't know what model it is. The serial number stamped on the frame on the flywheel side is "AM 130" Are there any other numbers on the tractor? And the motor is not orginal so I cant use that tag to identify it. Id like to know model, year, and anything else you can tell me. Thanks...Joe

  4. What year is my speeded serial number is FF0208 stamped on the frame

  5. What year is my speeded serial number is FF0208 stamped on the frame

  6. I have a Speedex Model S-24....The serial number on the tag is 0955 N..Can you tell me what year that it was manufactured..Respectfully. willrross@yahoo

  7. My speeded is a model 1632. 163216087901.Make number is 6137.